Why 8 Minute Profits Doesn’t Work – Review/Scam

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Why 8 Minute Profits Doesn’t Work – Review/Scam

Hello Fellow Marketer

If you’re reading this it’s because you’ve searched for, or are interested in, a money-making method online called 8 Minute Profits. Yes, the one right here.

You’re here because you’re wondering if it works?

I’m sure you’ve seen many, many “reviews” saying how great it is. Well this isn’t one of those…

Here’s why:

Unless I’m missing something, or they’ve updated their info right after I read it, then I don’t see how what they’re doing could possibly work for the simple reason that the ads they tell you to use can’t possibly get approved where they tell you to advertise!

How do I know?

The advertising platform sent me an email when I requested support as to why my ads were not being approved.

Simply put you are supposed to put ads on pay to click sites, like NeoBux, that suggest to the members they can make more money with the system you are promoting. So rather than clicking for pennies they can earn big bucks by purchasing your affiliate product (and of course they recommend 8 Minute Profits as that product). Ugh.

So, I created landing pages, ads, etc. Went through all the steps, tried various different ads, all were disapproved. I finally got frustrated and sent in a support ticket.

The response? Read it for yourself:

Wow…I was told it wasn’t “proper.”

No wonder I didn’t see any of the other ads they suggest on the advertising platform’s pages. I thought it was because no one was taking action and implementing the information, so more traffic for me! How naive!

So, nope. Didn’t work. I had to run some other ad as I had already deposited money at that point.

No idea how anyone else, particularly the sellers, was able to make this work. I suspect maybe when they first started it worked fine but when others jumped on the bandwagon NeoBux decided they weren’t going to allow it. So oh well. Another one bites the dust.

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