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Breakfast Embed 2 – The “Copy & Paste” Income You Can Earn Over Breakfast


What IS Breakfast Embed 2?

It is a 19-video (yeah, that’s right) over-the-shoulder case study program. You will get to watch Lee build an entire, profitable business from the ground up.

You’ll watch him buy a new domain, install it on his server, configure the site and autoresponder, set up all of the tools and drive traffic…

Everything is covered, from A to Z, in this ultra-complete course that absolutely anyone can follow… newbie and grizzled vet alike.

With this method, Lee overcomes the 7 Top Reasons people fail to stick with anything long enough to make money online: Read About It Here

But what makes this different than other courses that teach the same?

Because there is…

*No intensive SEO required!

*No paid traffic necessary!

*No lead magnets or sales funnels to create!

*No tedious article writing.

*No creating and ranking endless YouTube videos.

*No product creation or affiliate recruitment.

*No experience necessary!

*No whopping investments required!

*No major learning curve to get past!

*Works in ANY niche, especially niches that you’re PASSIONATE about!

*Perfect for newbies, intermediate marketers and pros alike!

*Simple, copy-and-paste work!

*30-60 minutes per day (during breakfast) can set you free FOREVER!

As a matter of fact, this very blog you are reading right now is set up around the method taught in this course!

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