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Why 8 Minute Profits Doesn’t Work – Review/Scam

Hello Fellow Marketer

If you’re reading this it’s because you’ve searched for, or are interested in, a money-making method online called 8 Minute Profits. Yes, the one right here.

You’re here because you’re wondering if it works?

I’m sure you’ve seen many, many “reviews” saying how great it is. Well this isn’t one of those…

Here’s why:

Unless I’m missing something, or they’ve updated their info right after I read it, then I don’t see how what they’re doing could possibly work for the simple reason that the ads they tell you to use can’t possibly get approved where they tell you to advertise!

How do I know?

The advertising platform sent me an email when I requested support as to why my ads were not being approved.

Simply put you are supposed to put ads on pay to click sites, like NeoBux, that suggest to the members they can make more money with the system you are promoting. So rather than clicking for pennies they can earn big bucks by purchasing your affiliate product (and of course they recommend 8 Minute Profits as that product). Ugh.

So, I created landing pages, ads, etc. Went through all the steps, tried various different ads, all were disapproved. I finally got frustrated and sent in a support ticket.

The response? Read it for yourself:

Wow…I was told it wasn’t “proper.”

No wonder I didn’t see any of the other ads they suggest on the advertising platform’s pages. I thought it was because no one was taking action and implementing the information, so more traffic for me! How naive!

So, nope. Didn’t work. I had to run some other ad as I had already deposited money at that point.

No idea how anyone else, particularly the sellers, was able to make this work. I suspect maybe when they first started it worked fine but when others jumped on the bandwagon NeoBux decided they weren’t going to allow it. So oh well. Another one bites the dust.

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Some may already know about this traffic source as its popularity has grown. However, many have written it off as low quality because of the nature of its users when in reality it’s simply because they don’t know how to use it properly.

First off, there is a massive amount of inexpensive, dare I say cheap, traffic to be had here. However, you can’t just market anything you want and expect to make a profit. They don’t know how to turn if from a traffic SOURCE into a traffic SYSTEM.

I’m going to share with you how for FREE. This method is not complicated. Don’t over think it.

As you may know, the members of this site are being paid a few cents to click and read ads. This tells us one thing about our potential customer: They want to make money online. So, we are going to simply show them a better, and FASTER, way to do this.

Most people use these sites wrong. They put up an ad and list their sales page. This doesn’t work.

Remember: For a few seconds, they are a captive audience. Make it count!

The method is simple: Entice them with a short ad that hits their pain point: Tell them getting paid cents to read ads is a tedious and slow way to make money and you know a better, simpler and faster method.

This ad links to your squeeze page. Squeeze page takes their email and signs them up to your autoresponder. First autoresponder message links to your offer/sales page. This must be a low entry point offer of no more than $10 up-front. There is a lot of traffic from countries outside of the US.

It’s easier to show than explain, so here are some samples below to show you how it’s done –

Sample Ads:

Here are some sample ads you can model. Change the text around to make them your own as if everyone copies these the effectiveness will drop.

Fast CASH System
Fresh off the street newbies are making $200 daily.

Make Money Today
Stop wasting your time. Use this for $200/day.

Fastest $100/Day System
Use this to make $100 Daily!

These lead to your squeeze page. The headline copy for your squeeze page should be taken from your affiliate offer sales page. Keep it simple.

Here is a sample squeeze page:

Once they click the “Free Video” button your autoresponder form pops up asking for an email address. It would look something like this:

After they opt in to your autoresponder, they are taken to a Download/Thank You Page. Here’s an example:


They will then receive an initial autoresponder message containing your sales page link. You can NOW take the opportunity to entice them away from PTC sites. Here’s a sample message: 

Subject: NeoBux System Buster or PTC System Buster


Members keep telling me the same thing over and over,
They are tired of spending hours on PTC sites and getting paid little in return for their efforts.

If you are sick of pitiful PTC payouts, there is a system
where you can realistically make job quitting type income.

Check it out here!

Why waste your time clicking for pennies when you can use this to make real money.

See for yourself, start banking today.

Click Here to Get Started!

Yours Truly,
Your Name


After logging in select advertise and use the following settings –

Click Type: Standard Exposure (no less than this, longer is OK but costs more)
Clicks: Exposures (clicks) start at 250 for just $5. Choose whichever fits your current budget.

Payment options are currently Payza, Skrill & Neteller. Use Payza as a Guest as an alternative to PayPal.

So there you have it. A real, genuine, inexpensive way to drive traffic to your offers. Of course, re-work the samples provided here to use with your opportunity and test until you receive the highest opt-in rate possible.

Note: Per the NeoBux TOS, you cannot mention their name specifically, (i.e. you cannot say “Attention NeoBux Members”) and your URL cannot re-direct. You also cannot have any terminology speaking against PTC sites.

I hope you found this information helpful and useful.

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mm ByCarrie

Increase Views By 30% On YouTube With This One Little Tweak

The Tip: Use Canva to create custom thumbnails to attract views from Suggested Videos!

Thumbnails aren’t just important for attracting attention on YouTube or Google searches.

When viewers are glancing over or scrolling through the videos on the right, you increase your chances of getting  your video watched when you have an eye-catching thumbnail.

So whether your video ranks highly or not in YouTube & Google, you can increase your views simply by attracting viewers with an appealing thumbnail in the Suggested Videos area.

This is a super, super simple tip that can bring massively more views to your videos – thus more traffic.


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