Guaranteed Traffic…Guaranteed Sales



If you haven’t heard yet, there is an easy way to get guaranteed traffic (i.e. guaranteed clicks to your offer) while increasing the chance you will get sales. This method is, of course, solo ads. But not just any solo ads. You have to do just a little research. The best place to do this is Udimi. Simply because they list sellers of solo ads with a track record you can review. You also get to order the exact amount of visitors (i.e. clicks) that you want.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of making sales your first time around:

  1. Required: A good free offer and squeeze page. If you are trying to monetize your list right away, make sure to only offer a product with a low entry price point, within the price range of $7 to $15.

  2. Look for sellers with at least 85% tier 1 traffic and a good track record of sales. The higher the percentage the better.

  3. Read the seller’s testimonials. Look for at least 3 positive testimonials with sales.

  4. Check for over-delivery. This is a plus as you get more bang for your buck.

  5. Ask if they a have first-time buyer discount.

  6. MLM Traffic Center is another great source of solo ads. They also have a high rating on Udimi!

Keep in mind the goal of a solo ad campaign is to get potential buyers on to your list – not just to try to make an up-front sale. So even if you only break even on the first ad run, eventually as prospects go through your autoresponder messages you will make more on the backend. This is how the majority of sales will be made, although some senders receive a few sales initially.

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