My Secret SEO Ninja Tactic To Boost Rank

My “Secret” Low Cost Ninja
SEO Tactic To Boost Your Rank

I know you want to know what it is right now…so I won’t make any long introductions.

We all know we need backlinks. The problem is knowing WHICH backlinks are good and WHERE to get them. Well this is going to be simple and everyone can do it.

What is it?

One of my best SEO techniques for backlinks is Business Listing Citations. I found out about these while snooping on the SEO of a competitor in my beauty niche. What specifically do I mean?

Take a look at this example:

There is a direct link to my website. See the power here?

Now using a MOZ rank tool check the DA (Domain Authority) of the page. Pretty high right? (Anything 41 and above is good). You’ll also see there is not a lot of Page Authority. However, this is easily remedied. To boost PA (Page Authority) simply backlink to your citation links. This is the REAL secret sauce.

Where do you get these citation links?

Simple…cheap and easy… I use Fiverr gigs. Most gigs on Fiverr are garbage. Finding a good one is like finding a needle in a haystack. In this case, I’ve done the work for you!

I use gigs by Citationexpert and Ramzan10. I’ve used both of them personally and they do excellent work. Then use a gig like the ones by uptotop or seo_wiki786 to get backlinks to your citation links. These are not affiliate links. I make no money referring you.

I hope my little tip helps you in your overall SEO efforts.

P.S. For best results, only send backlinks to your 5 strongest, by DA, listings at a time. Remember, quality over quantity.