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If You Want to Effortlessly Boost Your Affiliate Commissions In The Next 24 Hours, Then Keep Reading…

Are you doing affiliate marketing but not making the sales you expected?

Or worse – you haven’t made a single sale yet?

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I’ve found that generally when someone has a problem getting leads or converting leads to sales the issue usually lies in 1 of 2 areas:

Poor QUALITY or LACK of good Lead Magnets AND/OR Bonus Pages!

If you aren’t familiar with either of these concepts, then I’ll briefly cover them here. Lead magnets are simply the free reports, free training, free ebooks, free videos, etc. you use to draw people to your offers, or more importantly, to your mailing list.

Bonus pages are critical in that they are proven to drive increased sales and conversions. This is the secret super affiliates use to make tons of cash.

Now, if you ARE familiar with these principles, do you know how to craft a bonus page that converts customers and drives sales?

You may have had a difficult time finding quality materials to offer, as many people simply aren’t good with creating their own and there is a lot of crap sold online, so it’s also hard to find good content to offer.

So here’s a simple and inexpensive solution for each:

Lead Magnets: I’m sure you’ve heard of PLR products. Well, these make great lead magnets if you can find good ones. What you need to look for are PLR’s with GIVEAWAY RIGHTS.

It can be tough to source quality content but if you go  to Master Resale Rights and select Private Label Rights (PLR) on the top menu and then choose Giveaway Products PLR you will be presented with a selection of reports you can use. There is also Giveaway Audio, Video and Software.

Scroll through the items and select the ones you think best fit your niche. On the description page towards the bottom under Distribution Rights make sure it says, “Giveaway Rights – Yes.”

You can also select the “Marketing” category from the top menu to locate other products you can sell at a low entry point, of say $7-$15, to your current list or as one-time offers to new leads. This includes subjects like Traffic Generation, SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Marketing, Blogging, Network Marketing and more. You can re-brand this content as you see fit to sell or grow your list.

Bonus Page & Product Creation: Having bonuses to offer to your potential customers is an excellent way to boost conversions, as we have discussed. Don’t believe me? Check out the way Lee over at Breakfast Embed 2 does it.

Writing the bonuses yourself would be very difficult, if not practically impossible. Purchasing a bunch of bonuses to give away would be expensive to say the least.

The folks over at Commission Gorilla has created a rather innovative solution in that they provide you with the bonuses, the bonus page and they also host it for you for a small monthly fee. There are too many features of their system to list here but you can hop over to their site and watch the video which explains all the benefits.

Fixing one, or both, of these 2 areas most often gets a marketer on to increasing their sales and conversions – even doubling or tripling them. Hopefully you found this information useful and helpful.

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