How To Triple Your Video Views FREE

Triple Your YouTube Video Views
With This Little Known Traffic Method



Free tools & resources discussed in this video are Chrome or Firefox Browser & Hide My IP browser extension.

By the way, if you don’t know what to say in a video, here is a 2-minute script to turn any video into a lead generation machine…

First off, “How To” videos are very effective. For example,

  • How to grow traffic

  • How to convert leads

  • How to sponsor more reps

  • How to build a team

  • How to talk to cold leads

  • How to sell more product

  • How to write effective blog posts

Here’s the template to follow:

1. Introduce yourself: Tell the viewer who you are and a bit about yourself. Give them a bit of background. Make sure to mention where they can connect with you, like your blog or social media accounts. Keep it SHORT.

2. Tell them what you’re going to tell them: Let them know what to expect as well as the benefits of watching your video.

3. Deliver the information: This is where you tell them what you’re going to tell them. Make sure you deliver on the value you promised them in the title.

4. Conclusion: Summarize the video. Provide a recap. This brings you’re video full circle. Remind them of what you promised, show them you delivered and summarize what they learned.

5. Profit: Close with a powerful “call to action.” Tell them exactly what you want them to do NOW. Be specific. Visit your blog, connect with you, watch the next video, sign up for a free course, etc.

Example Script:

“Hi, my name is Jane. I’ve been successfully generating leads to
my marketing opportunity daily online combining the superior
leverage of video marketing and my blog at

Today in this video I’m going to teach you how to generate more leads than
you’ll ever need for any opportunity using easy video marketing.

Step #1: Create quick “how to” videos addressing the wants, needs,
and desires of your prospects. This positions you as an authority as a
leader helping others to use the latest tools to build their opportunities
without pestering their friends and family.

Step #2: Make sure you include a link to your website or blog with a strong
call to action so your audience knows exactly where to go to find more
information and become a lead.

Step #3: Make sure your link goes to a lead capture or squeeze page that
provides additional value – like a free report or training – and compels them
to opt in for more information. This will allow you to build your list and market
to your prospects without ever having to pick up the phone.

If you liked this short training on how to generate leads using video
marketing, head over to my blog at CrazyJane to get a free guide
that shows exactly how I convert my leads into customers daily
using my site and simple videos.”

**Your Website/Blog Link**

There you go…a simple way to use videos to generate leads.